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Troutline Wormie Gum Chenille 3mm


The 3mm Wormie gum Chenille is perfect for tying all kind of wormie flies like leeches, sand worms, earth worms. our wormie chenille has a soft core thread combined with synthetic chenille and micro silicone cylinders cut to size.

This structure make the fly to move and to vibrate in water under any kind of current: slow or strong. Practically is an ideal material that moves and provides vibration in water.


synthetic chenille combined with silicone micro legs cut to size
very dense structure than other brands in the market
mobile and vibrant
strong colors to attract fish
aprox 3mm diameter chenille
aprox 1m of material/bag
suits for hooks #16-8
In fishing competition the classic now squirmy material is banned. This new type of chenille made with silicone inserts with a gummy textured and elastic behavior in water  is replacing  the classic squirmy nymphs. Wth this chenille you can tie earth worms,  aquatic worms,  black leeches or olive ones. Even for saltwater fishing can be used as sand worm imitation.