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Troutline Ultra Selected CDC


All our CDC  feathers( known also  as cul de canard feathers ) are from different types of ducks who eat happily grass, swim in lakes all day long and lives in small local Bio duck farms. This is the reason why we provide only quality feathers, all hand selected, all hand dyed using COLD DYE to not destroy the beautiful structure of the CDC feathers. We put all our knowledge, our passion for quality fishing products and our experience to select the best feathers for you. We provide in one bag 50 super hand selected CDC feathers so that everybody can enjoy tying using the best product that can be found in our fly tying word.

Technical Details:

super hand selected quality feathers
mature feathers
elastic straight stems
around 4,5-5cm medium lenght for all feathers
cold dye used for dying process
hand dyed process
dried by hand all feathers
50 beautiful selected feathers/ bag
cdc feathers from ducks raised in bio farms

More info about CDC feathers

If you are a tier who wants to step in the CDC fly tying word you should know that are different types of CDC feathers and a duck will provide from 10-15 quality feathers up to 20 feathers depending of the species.
A duck who is living in cages in farms and don't have the possibility to swim at least once a day will have big and fluffy feathers with strange structure of the barbs and with a very hard stem. Instead a duck who is living in bio farms, eat grass and swim all day long will have clean and delicate feathers with elastic stems and nice and symmetric barbs. Is a big error to believe that a big and fluffy feather is a good one.
Biggest feathers are like that because the duck don't have the opportunity to swim and clean his feathers. For example take a look at the CDC from wild ducks and you will notice that all these feathers are no bigger than 4-5.5cm and are not dense but are very well structured, the barbs are nice and elastic and uniform in ramifications, the stems is shinny and elastic and are very clean.