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Troutline Argentinian Hare Dubbing


**Please see photos for colours**

Troutline Argentinian Hare Dubbing contain 100% Argentinian Hare fur which is perfect for tying nymphs, lake flies and some models of dry flies.This dubbing is super spiky like no other dubbing are. Can be mixed with all kind of other tying materials or can be used like it is. Superb colored, this dubbing will help you to create fantastic flies.

Dubbing details:

Argentinian fur cut and dyed in unique colors
aprox 0.9-1gram of dubbing/bag
super spiky compared with all kind of hare
can be mixed with rabbit, squirrel or any kind of other furs
Argentinian hare is known for his dense and super spiky fur due to strong winds from Patagonia. Those tough living conditions from Patagonia contributing to a dense and unique fur.