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Deer Creek UV Resins


**Please note**
There is an extra postage charge on this item. please select resin postage option.

Deer Creek UV Resin - 100% tack free. 14ml/0.5 fl  oz bottle. Coloured resin is great for cheeks on buzzers and  beaded nymphs. Black is great for the top of peridigone nymphs.

Diamond fine -  Great for fly heads, bodies and buzzers.

Diamond fine flex  - This is the latest flexible version and it is the talk of the industry . Slightly  longer curing time, 5/10 seconds due to olgimers which give it  flexibility.

Pro tips - Great for better distribution of resins especially  on smaller flies.

Sculpt is the newest resin in our legendary line up. Super clear and our thickest viscosity yet.
Great for high back trasparent shrimp patterns